Monday, December 18, 2006

Buy of the Year

I'm not entirely sure when this Moxie edit came out, but i only landed a copy early on in the year and it's remained the buy of the year for me. Dilated Choonz popped it up sometime in July but I couldn't resist putting it up here on A.N.O.E. also, plus it's got 'Lovin' It' on the flip which may just be the track of the year for me, albeit an edit of an amazing crate find. Moxie is a Dutch label and they surely know their sh*t, I have managed to land 4 or 5 of their releases and hold each one close to my heart, and of course my not being a real expert on Disco, I just don't know who did the originals of most of them. 'Run Disco Run' is just awesome with tension building orchestral moves pulling u one way and mellow key stabs pulling u in the other and dubby vocals, like thick clotted cream, spread on top, this track is surely one of the ultimate disco edit sandwiches of all time, certainly, as i said, of my year. Drop it at midnight on NYE and see 'em go wild.

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