Sunday, December 17, 2006

Maths on Sunday

Fairly recently i managed to get my hands on the Raremix 12" by Morgan Geist, which features, I guess, rare remixes done by Mr Geist of CiM, Reflection, Daniel Wang & Owusu & Hannibal available through the ever reliable Environ. The remix of Reflection's 'Cube Loop' is really beautiful late night listening electronica, it's warm, bleepy, deeply mathematical and strangely touching. It originally came out in 1997 on Clear Records, written by the Taniguchi brothers. Unfortunately my copy has some major surface noise right across all four tracks, I've cleaned it up a bit but it's still there to some degree, so you'll have to hunt down your own copy.

I also wanted to mention that those of u who are regulars here may have noticed there is now another contributors name in the top right hand corner. I spend most of Saturday with our new A.N.O.E. man Makrugaik, recording some of his upcoming posts and I'm delighted to say this Balearic obsessed individual will be handing over some truly interesting, wonderful, very rare and diverse items. It should also be said that I've specifically asked him to add to the mix of genre's here because his focus is a little different to mine, there wouldn't be much point in getting another me to upload goodies would there? Plus his collection is mighty fine. So please all give him a warm welcome when he drops his first post sometime this week and let us know what u think of his stuff. Personally I think you're all in for a major treat.

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