Friday, December 15, 2006

Tough Cover

It's a tough job to take on a stone cold classic like 'Feeling Good', especially since say with the Nina Simone take, she just can not be beat, and then do something rather good with it. Will Holland's Quantic Soul Orchestra manage very well on their version, polishing it further with lush orchestration and giving it brushes of breezy latin flavour. I love Alice Russell and her vocals on the track are really quiet original, she kind of holds back, containing her energy for this spirited free living anthem, almost as if she's just past shouting about how great she feels and is simply enjoying the realisation, the moment. The rest of the album 'Pushin' On', available through Ubiquity, is really good too, I prefer Will's Quantic stuff, his 'Mishaps Happening' album is just incredible, where here with his Orchestra things are generally a little more raw and heavier on the funk. They are undoubtedly a very talented bunch and under Mr Holland's direction they really hit some very high highs. Check out 'Feeling Good' and um feel good!

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