Friday, December 15, 2006

Chicago get's the Edit

Head on over to Dilated Choonz, immediately (though I'm sure most of u go there often, its one of my daily stop overs) and find a really great edit of Chicago's 'Street Player', yeah the number Kenny Dope sampled for his major hit 'The Bomb'. Kevvy K and his beat selectors always deliver the goods, this probably hard to find edit, is great fun and nothing like you'd imagine from Chicago, really nothing at all. I just love what Kevvy has to say about what the band later turned into. oooooh u gotta have this item. Also dont miss the Rahaan edit of Muzik which is available on one of my favourite's Jisco Music, excellent stuff.

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Anonymous said...


just found your blog. Very nice indeed. Was wondering if you could re-post Rahaan's Muzik Remix of Montreal Sound's classic.

The link has expired and the vinyl seems to have gone into collector's record boxes straight away...