Saturday, December 30, 2006

Re Up my Bell

So the years almost out and 111 posts here at A.N.O.E. later, I got to thinking about which track I uploaded which outdoes the rest. Pretty mindless really and silly to try and compare such diverse items. Bottom line is one of my earliest posts (see here) gets played so often by me, it just had to be Madeline Bell's 'That's What Friends Are For' which I originally heard off Ivan Smaghe's 'Test 2' cd. I was using rapidshare at the time and a lot of people moaned, plus i reckon there's a lot more of u out here reading this blog these days. So if u didn't get it and don't have it, this absolutely essential bit of uplifting Disco Funk magic can not be passed by.

Meanwhile I'm dj'ing all night tomorrow night along with Dj Dexterity, should be good fun, I plan to lay down some real classic stuff, u know hit em where it hurts. Happy New Year to you all!!!!! see u on the other side. Thanks for all the support.

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