Monday, January 01, 2007

Altz Beatz

Welcome to it everyone, it's here, does it feel any different for u?

Here's another artist I've been wanting to post for sometime, every track I've gotten of this Japanese guy is top class. Altz aka Yamaga Takashi has been a dj for many years and has put out 3 albums in all, last year DFA picked up the Idjut Boys version of his track 'Yello' which did rather well. His ultra detailed experiments with Disco, early Detroitiness, Deep House, Cosmic sounds, Jazz, Funk, Balearic and more, often in the same tracks which tend to go off in different directions, developing, returning and constantly adding in crazy new ideas. Bear Funk released his album 'Yell' in early 2006 and 'Nail Graf' is from it; cowbell's, a fantastic bass line, an ever morphing heady mix of Detroit iciness and deepness, stop start beats, country twangs, outta space weirdness and beauty. check out this piece of Otaka Disco and I reckon the album is well worth hunting down too.

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