Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Copycat

There's a discussion on the Deep House Page Forum about French artist Boogyman (aka Teo Moritz) and how he is either parodying or ripping off or even worse just plain copying Moodyman and Theo Parrish, true indeed there are some startlingly obvious references, the black and white silhouette face on the label, the track I've uploaded is called 'Ugly Edit', the disco edit 'ideology' of the music. But wait, on his ep ' U can't hide the Soul Forever' Boogyman unquestionably wears his, lets say influences, on his sleeve, like a hand drawn copy of the Bauhaus logo school kids do on their bags (well here in SA in the 80's), he definitely offers up further sounds on the Theo/KDJ way of doing things. But I'm not sure i care enough to worry about the man's intentions or originality to be honest, there are certainly enough people doing similar sorts of things who make less obvious references in the naming of tracks and use of artwork. In the end parody is not a great way to go about things, the joke factor is likely to wear pretty thin pretty fast, but there is nothing jokey about his music, which means its very playable and adds to one's ability to surprise trainspotters who obsess over the work of such greats as Moodyman and Theo Parrish. There are five tracks in all on this Superhuit release and they run the gamut of disco, soul and funk, there's even some pretty weird midtempo stuff happening on the last track 'Yawn', which i guess at the end of the day could be described a little like some of Theo's more experimental stuff. I've uploaded the very Disco Funk 'Ugly Edit' which is the friendliest of all the tracks on the EP, but I honestly like the whole thing and choose to ignore any alchohol or bad weed induced funniness involved in the possible parody/worship going on, after all its the music that counts.


Lastly I thought I'd mention the very nice mix collection available on Bozman, especially some pretty hard to find Theo Parrish mixes, which people have given him to host. Go the the mixes page and dig around.

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