Wednesday, January 03, 2007

from the King's Chamber

Back in 2004 Hans Peter Lindstrom, while far less known than he is now, was already producing some of the most exciting music around and was generally causing a bit of a frenzy on the underground, in fact he was releasing forward thinking tracks from quiet a bit earlier. Lindstrom was using his Slow Supreme moniker to put out Afro-esque Cosmic Disco House around this time, often through Jazid. I did some online crate digging last year sometime and came up with a copy of this 10" double A side wonder. 'Javel Jazz, Hva Na' is pretty incredible; a stormy builder which combines huge chunks of a dark broody Classical piece (or pieces) which i should know (it sounds very familiar), some French and American film soundtrack samples, Afro'ish beats, some ubiquitous cowbell action, beautiful keys, a relentless bass line and a heap of great guitar and synth work. It's a masterpiece of apocalyptic mood orchestral disco with a great break in the middle which will stir even the most jaded hearts and minds. Actually its pretty mind boggling.

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