Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Not Just Another Night on Earth

Well I'm just a really happy guy right now and couldn't resist uploading this fantastic early 80's Disco classic by David Joseph. Proof of course that there was still some incredible Disco action around the time albeit it with loadsa 80's keys. 'You Cant Hide (Your Love From Me)' is an incredibly infectious groove that puts a smile on your face the moment the chorus kicks in, catchy, very catchy. It's also been on any number of classics compilations, most notably Francois K's 'Choice' album and Eric Rug's 'Initial Groove's' collection. I was very lucky to open for Mr Rug back in the late 90's, he was simply fantastic, he asked me about a couple of tracks i played before him, but then undoubtedly out did my efforts with ease. Anyway 'You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me)' is a real smooth ride and goes up on Another Night On Earth for that person who's made the last few nights more than just any other.

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