Thursday, January 04, 2007

Red Dust

Lexx's 'Sirocco' was, for good reason, a highly anticipated release which had a fair bit of airplay before it landed up on vinyl through BearFunk. It's Balearic for sure; a blissful ocean side meander with cool mid-tempo beats, crisp guitar licks, a deep grooving bass line and some mellow dubbed out keyboards amongst other sun bleached beachy vibes. The thing is it's got something else going for it too, I mean this is no Cafe del Mar kinda track, it's got a twisted kind of Chris Rea meets Cosmic attitude, it's unshaven, sweaty, unkempt. Ok so a bit hippy, but like the red dust filled wind it's named after has an eroding quality which is lasting. I'm going off on one of those tangents again, but i think u get my point, do u? if not download the track and see for yourself. Lexx's tracks are usually more in line with the Lindstrom set but this is something else all together.

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