Saturday, December 23, 2006

When is an Edit not an Edit

Before Disco Edits re-surfaced as the next big thing, Noid records (owned by the Idjut Boys) were amongst the Nu Disco avante garde, releasing records that developed on the Disco House idea, they took it further, dubbed it silly, gave it a raw, let's say Punkier energy similar to the Disco Not Disco scene of the late 70's, only more modern and melodic by amongst other things removing the slick, sampled and ultra compressed sounds of the 90's filter house idea. Act's like the Idjuts, Faze Action, Akwaaba and more created a kind of furry beardy Disco, though to give it an exact name might be rather difficult. I mean honestly Disco in it's many forms really never disappeared, but when Noid and others began to slice, dice and dub-out crate finds for newer dance floors (and didnt call them edits), things would go in a whole new direction, a direction which is really very popular again now with Todd Terje, Lindstrom, Prins Thomas, Blackbelt Anderson amongst others, albeit spacier and less sampled based. For me the king of this mid to late 90's Disco offshoot, but more like a king amongst kings, would have to be Ray Mang (Raj Gupta), his 'Number 1' and 'Orchestral Manouvres' were massive for many, me included. Eskimo picked up Ray Mang's 'Mangled' LP from Noid and re-released it in 2002. Listen to 'Not so Fantastic' to hear Mang's influence on the current wave, but if u don't get it, at least you'll have this really brilliant number in your collection of mp3's. The crazy breaks, breakdowns & scratches on it are almost as fantastic as the beats and funky guitar work. Jeez u certainly have been getting a lot of Disco goodies from us haven't u??

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