Friday, December 22, 2006

Ear Drum's

French duo Outlines' big hit 'Just a lil lovin' was always going to be tough to follow; a very bright catchy but also masterful piece of Parisian jazz dance which took the underground scene by storm. It could easily have turned into a 'one hit wonder' sort of situation for them, if it weren't for the really incredible 'Listen To The Drums', which has recently followed it, a track which I think is actually far better than 'Lovin', it's no less catchy but certainly more edgy, more interesting & weightier, even deeper. Outline's production & Irfane Khan - Acito's vocals are superb; creamy modern jazz bop & pop combine to create this class act. U can find 'Drums' released on Sonar Kollektiv with a slick monster midtempo tech jazz version done by Jazzanova on the A side. Oh plus if u didn't know, the top dollar horn parts are by Fat Freddy's Drop, a big fave here at ANOE

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