Thursday, December 21, 2006


Massive Jazz Bomb Alert!!! I make a lot of mix tapes and compilations for friends and this slice of raw originality features regularly on mixes for new people in my life. Drummer Al Foster's 'Night of the Wolf' is a funky, breaks heavy, afro-esque, quirky, jazz animal which was originally released on Roulette in 1975. Somehow it always makes me think of South Africa and the very long journey between Cape Town and Johannesburg by car, in particular the very deserted bits between small towns in the Karoo, musically it perfectly describes this arid, rabid and free place. Al's beats are mesmerizing, his talent for fluid, charismatic drumming is very well known and he's worked with the very best. This song rates as an all time great for me, and is simply unmissable.

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