Friday, January 12, 2007

The Boss

Domu aka Dominic Stanton has been one of my favorite producers of the last few years, he's kinda lumped in with the whole Broken Beats scene, but in fact I think of him as an electronic artist with a ton of talent, he does such diverse work that he simply cannot be defined by any one genre. This is a phat slice of modern mid-tempo loop Disco with all the right warmth and perfect beats. He is undoubtedly influenced by the Detroit Disco/Cut-Up set, but what he does with it is entirely his own. This track gets a lot of play from me, a lot lot. 'The Boss' is a brilliant title too, this track takes charge of dancers whenever I've dropped it, plus Domu is clearly the master of his game. If u don't know his work, check some of it out, the man has a million aliases and does all kinds of things with his very particular type of song construction. Actually I'll give u another taster sometime soon, in the meantime let 'The Boss' take control. It can originally be found on Neroli.

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acidbearboy said...

Another nice mid-tempo track. Cheers