Friday, January 12, 2007

Is it still possible to be Easy Going?

Some years after his illustrious work on the soundtrack to Suspiria, Claudio Simonetti found himself in a duo with Giancarlo Meo . Naming themselves after a nightclub in Rome the duo went on to record some of the most highly regarded tracks in Italo-disco. The interesting spin-off is that Simonetti is worshipped by both the prog and disco scenes and in fact represents the close relationship that those two genres currently enjoy. Fear (Medley) from 1979 is a mix by Jellybean Benitez of four different tracks, namely Scaredy Cat, Fear, Come On In and Climax. On the City Rockers compilation Futurism 2 the mix was covered by The Parralax Corporation. It must be one of the only examples where a "megamix" was actually redone by another group. Gay Time Latin Lover was released about two years later and is pretty sought after in the Italo scene, from what I understand. Makrugaik


H.M.A. said...

Thanks so much for posting these clalssics! You're the best!

chris keys said...

pleasure Terry