Sunday, January 14, 2007

Gettin' Your Funk On

Koom.H are a Sicilian duo who produce jazz infused techno, or techno infused jazz. Many of their tracks really fall very neatly into the Lounge category, albeit for a better quality of sofa than your average Hotel Costes or Cafe d' Afrique cd compilation offers. Basically Lounge music as a concept is too easily consumed, no real thought is required and memory is not brought into play, actually I prefer to call the good stuff downtempo. 'Move Your Funk' is not a downtempo item, instead as the title suggests it's a Funk driven, Techno'ish groover. Big Sur Records recently put out their eponymous album, the label is linked via Ishtar Music to the very fine Schema, and like much modern Italian jazz it's very stylish, offering real depth to this much maligned scene. The album also has on it a great cover of Archie Shep's 'Song For Mozambique'.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I like your blog a lot. But... -I don't know how to say this in proper english- you are cutting the peak levels very enthousiastic. I think quality of sound is more important than volume/loudness. We can adjust the volume in our players... ~:-)

chris keys said...

i'm not sure exactly what u mean, never had any complaints before, essentially these files are meant for u to hear, then go out and buy what u like, or try to find copies of the stuff. I'm happy to take advice on the matter though, is anyone else having this issue?