Monday, January 15, 2007

Turns me Inside Out

American Gypsy's 'Inside Out' gets reworked by the Re-Edit bunch for their 3rd volume of top notch edits. It's a very sexy string laden Soul, Folk, Funk hybrid with some hot axe action and a touch of blaxploitation originally from 1975, released on BTM Records in the UK. Apparently Groove Armada sampled this on one of their tracks and the original also features on DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist's classic 'Brainfreeze' mix. American Gypsy became one of the premiere live Funk and R&B bands on the European circuit and featured the very brilliant vocals of Steve Clisby. I can't get enough of this track, the re-edit highlights some of the original's finer moments, modernises it and puts it back on play lists everywhere, where it deserves to be.


Steven Lee said...

really nice tune - I had this originally on an Argo/Cadet comp. many moons ago. Never been able to track down the og album.
Have you heard 'Golden Ring'? Another fine example of Steve Clisby's voice.
Some fine stuff on here - really like the site & interesting facts (bit like reading sleevenotes!)
Hey, are you a DJH regular by any chance?

chris keys said...

Hey Steve. Thanks for the kind comments. I have also not been able to track down the original album and have never heard 'Golden Ring'. I am not a regular on DJH, infact when i tried to join i got rejected, not sure why, I have been a dj for over ten years and have worked in the music industry for much much longer. oh well. looks like your blog should be interesting and thanks for the link. You're right about there being so many blogs but if u have staying power and work it, you'll find u get an audience eventually. good luck with it, I'll keep checking back.