Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Below the Belt

The Soft Pink Truth's Drew Daniel wrote 'Satie' with Mathew Herbert for Soundslike back in 2003, Mathew's wife Dani Siciliano also sings on the delicate electronic tune. 'Satie' ultimately sounds more like a 'Bodily Functions' era Herbert track than it does anything by TSPT, though it comes as no real surprise that the two musicians obviously share an interest in the gentle genius of Erik Satie and here in this remix explore the beautiful muted keys of the French composer, entwining it's beguiling melody with glitch fare.

I was one of two dj's who opened for Mathew when he played in South Africa some years ago, it was a great night for sure. I seem to remember the crowd going absolutely crazy, as if Mr Herbert was playing his first records but in fact it was several tunes before the man actually touched the decks. This kind of misguided adoration for his quirky sounds has long since passed here, perhaps as Mathew has ventured forth down even more unusual paths. The Soft Pink Truth have unfortunately never graced our shores with their own pulsating queer art grooves and I for one am hoping they still do.


Anonymous said...

Love the soft pink truth stuff, but you are right this does sound like something off bodily functions. Brilliant.

chris keys said...

hey epm, yeah great band, love em, little white earbuds did an interview with drew daniel awhile back on his other blog, but i think he's shut it down, ask him to send u a transcript, it was a lovely interview.