Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Crash Test

Solid Fusion Funk craziness designed for car chases from legendary British composer & arranger Keith Mansfield and a brilliant re-edit from the always excellent Wai Wan. Keith is incredibly well known for his TV, Film and Sound Library work in the 60's & 70's; funky beats, dazzling instrumentation and warm chords were his thing apparently. 'Crash Course' is British Mod Blaxploitation or maybe just Modsploitation at it's finest and Wai Wan's work is scalpel sharp. The track feautured on the Idjut Boys 'Saturday Nite Live' mix for the much missed Nuphonic back in 2000.



DannyBlue said...

You've done it again! Everything I download from this site gets a straight 4 or 5 star rating on my iPod

chris keys said...

Hey Mr Blue, thanks buddy. Just trying hard to keep the quality up on the site, glad you're enjoying the goodies.

Anonymous said...

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