Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Her Room

The very sultry Norma Jean Bell does some wonderful work with Moodyman and 'Come Into My Room' is one of their truly great collaborations. It was pretty big, so I'm guessing a lot of you have it already, we can't always be pioneers here at A.N.O.E. even though we try. So anyway I reckon she's definitely got her bedroom eyes on for this one, or voice at any rate, it's very inviting don't u think? I love it. I have quiet a bit of her stuff, and one in particular that is a sure fire party rocker which I'll share in the future.


Anonymous said...

I found a copy of "I'm the only queen" in the bargain bin a wee while back. Made me very happy.
NJB is ace.

Anonymous said...

Great tune, but that's no surprise coming from this supa blog. Keep it comin'!! //The Fat Controller

chris keys said...

epm - lucky find, it's a great tune. TFC - thanks, we aim to please.It's kinda nice, we seem to get a lot of love from our readers and we always appreciate kind words, it's great to have found an audience who are into underground sounds that aren't the whole electro thing, I mean we love some electro, just what u get here is what we are really all about.