Monday, February 12, 2007

Missing NU

Maurice Fulton is a genius, no doubt. His ability to work in nearly any electronic music genre he chooses is a testament to his agility, that he creates masterpieces nearly every time is an obvious indication of his ability, he is avante garde in the extreme and soul personified at the same time. Yeah, so like i said I think he's a genius, who doesn't ? Back in 2001, just after releasing an album about breaking up with his girlfriend under the name Ladyvipb, he remixed 'A New Day' (from the album) for the flip side of a 12" release on Nuphonic (a label it seems many of us miss). I been listening to the track while working this morning, it's such a delicate, intricate & beautiful fusion of Detroit Ambient, Brazilian & Hip Hop Rhythms, Jazz & Modern Electronica. It's a timeless classic basically.

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