Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No I Love You More

It's been awhile since the last Danny Krivit edit here at A.N.O.E and while this one is a little more well known than most of the others we have posted, it's too good to pass up. Rene & Angela's 'I Love You More' gets re-done as an instrumental by Mr K for Capital Records back in 2005, though the original is a 1981 Boogie classic. It's not strictly an edit as such as Danny's girlfriend plays some keys on it, essentially copying some of the parts of the original in order for the K man to beautifully extend the song, but also doing some improvising. Capitol apparently asked Danny if he had an instrumental of the track, to back their re-release, but he knew there wasn't one and set about making it from editing the A-side. It's brilliant, very rollerskating, very danceable and pretty spacey too, thanks to the man's very talented girlfriend.


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