Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Red Hot Herb

Herb Alpert is of course a very talented man who gets a lot of love on some of the more interesting blogs like Bumrocks, Lovefingers, Dream Chimney and the like, and for good reason, but I have never seen this one posted before. Luckily our man in Stockholm handed it over for me to upload and since I'm on a roll this evening I thought It was time to share it. 'Red Hot' comes as a sexy red vinyl 12", released back in 1983 with a 'Special Remixed Version' of the track which was originally on Herb's 1980 A&M album 'Blow Your Own Horn'. It's got some great dub chamber action on it which will appeal to Idjut Boys fans, plus it's funky, soulful and unquestionably Red Hot!!! Don't miss out on this!!

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Anonymous said...

please please please post another link to this. i have the red vinyl but dying to hear this edit.

Scott K.