Thursday, February 01, 2007

People are People

"People Make The World Go Round' by The Stylistics is one of my favourite songs of all time, I probably first heard Giles Petterson play it many years ago and since then I have rated it amongst the best I ever heard. It has a certain rich antique sound; those keyboards, those strings, that voice along with it's hippy sentiment, that really really does it for me. People do indeed make the world go round, what they do with it is of course a whole other story.

Carl Craig does some good things spinning us round with his monster catalogue of treasures and both his and Moodyman's remixes of Mr Craig's Innerzone Orchestra's version of the Stylistics track are simply brilliant. It is impossible to say which of the two remixes are better, both are awesome. You get the original and both sides of the Innerzone Orchestra Planet E 12" today. Pure class all the way and a bumper 3 track score. A huge thanks and shout out to Rob for these two remixes.


crybo said...

Always loved this tune, got various versions, including the excellent Michael Jackson one, but I think I'll have to go with the Carl Craig cover.

chris keys said...

Hey Crybo, how u doing mate? Yeah, there really are a number of covers of this track out there, im still looking for a sort of deep house kind of cut up version i heard a local dj play about 6 yrs ago, maybe u know it? The Carl Craig one here is by far the best though. Happy families family man.