Thursday, March 01, 2007

Double Schwarz #2: Early Moods

So you've all heard me going on about Henrik Schwarz, using descriptors like genius, savior, top chap and more. Thing is I still think his first two releases are probably my favorite's... well um maybe not, but pretty close. 'Marvin' was on his 2002 'Supravision' EP & 'Chicago' also out on Moodmusic was released in 2003. Now here's the thing, I don't actually own copies of either of these tunes and would do quiet a lot to get my hands on them, most especially 'Chicago'. So I figured I'd just put the word out and hope like hell one of u kind people might just sell me one, have doubles or something... Both these tracks do the edit thing on a whole other level, well strictly speaking they're really remixes, that have as much, if not more, to do with Henrik's own styles. 'Chicago', of course, uses that Roy Ayers track in a decidedly devastating way, I love the original, heck I even love the Global Communication Disco House version from back in the 90's. OK so what are my chances? any offers? I originally got both these mp3's from spreading the word - thanks crybo.


Anonymous said...

Jesus, Chris, you're wrecking my world with these Henrik Schwarz posts! Keep up the good work!

soulbrotha said...

Hi Chris!
I wanted to thank you for all the great music that you provide. And what better way to thank you than to grant your wish. Here are the originals! Enjoy!

Chicago-Henrik Schwarz

Marvin - Henrik Schwartz

chris keys said...

ooooh thank you so much Richard - too kind, too kind. Now give up your vinyl copy of 'Chicago' ;) - no seriously thanks. glad u enjoy the blog.

chris keys said...

Hey Steve, glad i could return the favour ;) by the way there is atleast one more volume of double schwarz coming up soon, hope u dont have those either... :)

Anonymous said...

could you pls post it again. track: marvin