Monday, March 19, 2007

Little Fluffy Clouds

We've had up some P&P records stuff here on A.N.O.E. fairly recently and today you are getting a little Cloud One action from the same label. Patrick Adams & Peter Brown, who as u know owned the label, produced under the name Cloud One, as well as Bumblebee Unlimited, Phreek, Sandy's Gang, Universal Robot Band and a fair number of other pretty hot bands. Cloud one had a few underground hits with 'Disco Juice', 'Atmosphere Strut' & 'Spaced Out'.

On a whole other matter a name we haven't yet mentioned on A.N.O.E. is Nick The Record. Real collectors of Disco, Jazz, Latin, Hip Hop & Soul rarities, all aspire to the levels reached by Nick Girdwood (with over 60 000 highly sought after items in his own collection). Nick also produces under a few aliases and is known to do an edit or two as well. So of course I mention him because today's edit is by him and is of Cloud One's lovely little groover "Disco Juice'. The edit is fairly repetitive but also works very well and is sure fire, smile inducing, ass shaker. Go get it...

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