Sunday, March 25, 2007

When Music is More

I'm not sure there is any point to going on about Donald Byrd or the Mizell Brothers for that matter. Pop their names into your favourite search engine and see just how much has been written about them and their collaborations. Perhaps the real difficult thing would be to find someone who's written something bad about them, no not badly written, I mean derogatory, silly. Together they tapped into a musical expression that is simply put - out of this world. There are any number of hits to choose from to feel their force; 'Think Twice', 'Wind Parade', 'Dominoes', and more. Here is 'Lasanna's Priestess', it's got the meanest Cosmic Funk Soul Jazz hooks ever, designed for pure unadulterated joy, in my opinion, when the track blows up it is truly unstoppable. Of course headz will know it and some of the many tracks which have sampled from it. Monster!!!!

Note: oh bugger - i've just seen Diepslog also posted this, and just a few days ago - oh well these things are bound to happen, it's good enough to download twice :)

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