Sunday, March 25, 2007

Short Bears are Fun

I've blogged a little about Altz before and will certainly do so again, as I think this guy has a talent in truck loads. The Idjut Boys seem to agree, having remixed his Country House 'Tune In' track; Steve Kotey, likewise thinks highly of him having executive produced and helped put out some of his material through BearFunk. His Album 'Yell' is jammed with twists and turns, micro idea upon changing & interchangeable micro idea and everything he does seems cleverly to invoke Dance musics past, while pushing forward with an unmatched uniqueness. Here is 'Jino' off his BearFunk EP, it's mostly beats, breaks & guitar, kind of short and experimental and certainly not the main course, but nevertheless a funky and well fun thing with a bad ass bass line that will have u happily shaking your butt like a hippo across the living room for a minute or two.


Anonymous said...

What a fun tune-cheers mate.
Love your blog-always choice tunes to choose from.

chris keys said...

Hey Mr Cubik, thanks for the kind words. The Altz is fun, he alway is...