Sunday, March 25, 2007

You Did It.

Marjaret Sinjana's 'You Did It' gets a re-edit job from French boys Mel & Nico on their D-Classics label. I googled Sinjana and came up with almost no info, in fact only this particular edit seems to come up, likewise on Discogs. So it's obviously a pretty hard to find original, but it's a mid tempo delight for sure, full of funky soul guitar moves and great great vocals. The track has been done by a number of people, originally called 'Why Did You Do It', u may recognise it, but this little edit is just fantastic!!! Anyone know anything about Ms Sinjana? She's not in fact Margaret Singana from South Africa is she? I know Margaret did a version of the track, I never heard it so i can't be sure - will have to find out more... in the meantime don't skip this. Yeah I'm sure it must be her, those names are just too too similar....

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