Sunday, March 18, 2007

White Light/Gene Clark

I remember reading about Gene Clark's White Light album in Mojo awhile back, where it was featured as one of their Buried Treasure selections. I was really keen on hearing it for ages, so when my friend Richard had a copy for sale last Saturday I immediately bought with grattitude. This album is not at all over-hyped, it's similar to Dylan but definitely has it's own vibe. Everyone always says it, but it's true: How did Gene Clark never become famous as a solo artist? The man who wrote Eight Miles High remains banished to obscurity... My Trismegistical Mix One on Grey Lagoons features One In A Hundred as the first track, from the same album.

Editors Note: Trust
Makrugaik to push us into the realms of Country... hold onto your hats.

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