Thursday, April 05, 2007

Here Comes the Rain again....

BearFunk are obviously one of my favourite labels, I've featured them quiet often here and try not to miss out on any of the Bear family releases, though that's not always possible. Anyway way back in 2003 Bearfunk put out their first release, which would prove to be quiet unusual for them in the long run. Though they do venture into Deep House occasionally (See their recent and awesome Afrobutt presents Missing Link release for possibly their best example of Deep House meets Disco), the label obviously focus more on edgier, beardy Disco. Foolish & Sly's wonderful soulful deep house track 'Rainfalls' definitely has some of that Bearfunk attitude and given that its remixed here by Steve Kotey, the dub aspect could hardly be missing. It's a rainy day here in Johannesburg and this slightly melancholic beauty suits the moment perfectly. Of course I love Deep House, sure its less fashionable these days and there's a ton of rubbish out there pretending to fall into the category, but I sort of fell in love with electronic music because of it, it will never leave me. Lovely stuff!!

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