Monday, April 09, 2007

Harvey Noid 001

It's been another long weekend in South Africa (easter right) and I managed to spend a little time checking out some second hand records at a store A.N.O.E. contributor Makrugaik works at, of course he's pretty much cleaned them out of all the really interesting stuff. I was however very lucky to find a copy of Noid001 which is valued at around 70 Euro (I payed all of 2 Euros for it) which contains an early Idjut Boys track and probably even more exciting an early Harvey on the B-side. Harvey's edit 'Keep On Trying' takes on Tenderness' 1978 RCA release 'Gotta Keep On Trying'. It's very much where Harvey was at back in '96, a little Disco Jazz basically done with a big focus on the beats and groove. I hadn't heard it before and am delighted to now own the vinyl. Makrugaik moaned about not liking the Idjuts much and offered to hand over one from his own collection (yay!!), weirdly most of the early Noid stuff I have, I found in second hand bins, a testament to the fact that many record collectors find their wobbly dubby beats a little unusual, I on the other hand love 'em to bits, as you readers know all too well. Anyway here then is Harvey's first track out on Noid, a real gem and a bit of a rarity these days...

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