Monday, April 09, 2007

Rare Bomb Alert

Asso's 'Don't Stop' is by far one of my favourite tracks ever, I made friends with John Hall (of Save the Robot's fame) trying to buy an original copy of it off him, ultimately it was waaaay too expensive for my meagre record budget. It is available through Strut records on their Best of Disco Strut compilation and 2 On One also put out a 12" of it. Here's what Mr Hall has to say about it... "This used to be one of my "secret weapons". I figured I'd look it up here (Discogs) ...sure enough, the ITALO craze has caught up with this formerly obscure masterpiece. Forget the Steely Dan cover...the B-side is the shizzit: "Don't Stop". This is a laid back, coming-down-from-a-hallucinogen-fueled-party-at-The-Loft-or- The-Garage kind of track. The closest thing I can compare it to conceptually is Sun Palace's "Rude Movements", which was probably a key inspiration for the vibe and style of this jazzy, syncopated downtempo Italo instrumental/funk monsterpiece." I can only add that it's got all the spacey keyz I could ever desire. Don't skip this...

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