Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Keepin on...

There's a fair bit of love going down on some blogs for early Faze Action lately, count me in. Their album 'Plans & Designs' was, make that is, a real gem. Their second album 'Moving Cities' was given major accolades too, though i prefer their debut. Of course there's that Carl Craig remix of 'In The Trees' from Juno's 10 year thing, doing the rounds plus there are some unforgettable remixes done by Rob & Simon Lee back in the 90's. Their last album 'Broad Souls' signalled a major change in direction for them, it saw them heading for deeply contemplative head space downtempo territory, many fans were a little disappointed though there is no doubt about its quality. It just wasn't that Disco sound they're so good at. More recently they've been taking on dance floors again with two great singles; 'Keep it Coming' from last year and the very recent 'Stratus Energy', both of which have been white labels with limited runs. The Lee's don't do edits (well not so far) and produce all original material which manages to sound very modern while observing club music from the past, I'm really hoping for a new album. While I wait here's 'Keep it Coming', very nice!!!


Anonymous said...

Bit random, but this was the t/l from our radioshow tonight.

Hour 1

Owusu & Hannibal - What's It About
Kenneth Bager - Fragment Seven
Randolph - Believer - Jazzanova vocal mix
The Bird & The Bee - Fucking Boyfriend
Mike In Mono - Eurocentric
JD73 - Ascension
Theo Parrish - The Rink
Moodymann - Technologystolemyvinyle
Prince Language - You Can't Go
Peter Tosh - Buck-Ing-Ham
Chin Chin - Toot D'Amore

Hour 2

Grandmagento - Tainted Love
Mr President - Love & Happiness
Linda DiFranco - My Boss
Ilya Santana - Discotized
Force of Nature - To The Brain
Cave Bear Cult - Catch The Worm
Faze Action - Stratus Energy
Cymande - Genevieve

Record Of The Week

Dynamics - Miss You

A Mountain of One - People Without Love

Acid House Record of The Week

Neal Howard - Indulge

Marc's Sex Music Record For The Cosmic Disco Boys

Bulgari - All-Nite Store

Sandy's Gang - Hungry - Sean P edit
Celestial Choir - Stand On The Word
Koxo - La Maranza

One mooooooooooooooooooooooooooore

Herbet - Moving Like A Train - Smith 'n Hack remix - Dixon edit


chris keys said...

Hey Marc, some really great stuff in there, that Force of Nature track really does it for me, I'm waiting for my copy of Cave Bear Cult... thanks for the list, I always enjoyed checking out what you were playing...

Pat Les Stache said...

I love all the mixes from "Keep it Coming". Great Record, Great Post.