Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mojo & the Doctor fix The Rain

Got this one through the mail today and I couldn't have been more surprised, a Barry Manilow edit from Joe Mojo & PhDJ Eugene. A little research done kicked up details that the original is a track from 1998 for his 'One Voice' album. The surprise is just how much Cosmic Funk Groove there is going on here, Mojo & Eugene have done a sterling job slicing, dicing and revealing it's fiery off planet core. The section of lyrics they've kept constitute a very small part of the original track, but they work very well in this edit, Manilow's voice isn't Manilow enough to be a worry basically. My only real complaint is how short it is, at just over 4 minutes this little gem could have been twice the length. More from Mojo soon...


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