Thursday, April 12, 2007

Re-edit Re-incarnation

When Chi Town Dj's make a bid for the peak time slots, they better be armed with some heavyweight underplayed edits of classic Soul, Disco and House (well if they're not playing to the Minimal/ Tech/ Electro, new fangled fash clash mash set that is.). Stilllove4Music is a label that plays right into the hands of the needy in this matter; it's a little white label off shoot to the very classy Still Music and puts out exactly the kinds of edits, produced by 'unknown' Chicago greats, for desperado's and dj's alike. Here's one of Mr Gaye's (is it true he added the 'e' onto the end of his name to avoid confusion about his sexual orientation? I read that a few places.) very erm.. funky 'A Funky Space Reincarnation' which is rather cool and should do the job....

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