Thursday, April 12, 2007

Son of Barabas

If you've been coming here long then you'll know A.N.O.E. really digs Swedish producer Beatconductor aka Ture Sjöberg. There's a fair bit of his output which looks in on Afro beats for inspiration and 'Son of Barabas' does exactly that; raw, hot, motherland rhythms get twisted into a slick broken beats funk shakedown with some lovely submerged vocals. There is a long tradition of talent exchange between Europe, America and Africa, many of this continents greats spend time learning from masters in the west, bringing home the 'funk' to breed with Afro sounds and of course returning the favour, in an endless and fiery moebius strip of idea bartering. Anyway before I hand in a dissertation on the subject check out the Conductors track and expect more Afro biznezz in the following months...

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