Friday, May 25, 2007

In the end, Love matters the most.

Giles Petterson fans will be doing their nut over this instant classic, deep & rich Jazz item by the very excellent Mark Murphy. 'Love is What Stays' gets very carefully remixed by Henrik Schwarz into a quiet beats & bruised summer underground hit, that in all likely hood is already crossing over into coffee bar & lounge territories (sadly these places render wonderful songs like Herbert's 'Cafe de Flores' a bit nose in the air, or worse a bit new shiny car advert soundtrack). I can imagine this on a deadly system playing to a daytime festival crowd who might be moved to 'feel the love', a wholly more appropriate airing in my view. Murphy is dangerously described as the hippest of hipsters, personally I think it might be better to say his talent is immense, putting him in the league of the greats. Henrik, on the other hand, does his best not to put too much of his blistering tech sensibilities into the mix, adding only the subtlest bits & pieces and emphasising it's epic qualities with his love for deep space.

Mark Murphy - Love is What Stays (Henrik Schwarz Remix)


Anonymous said...

Yep-lovin' that alright mate.
Nice one.
Will include that in my weekly links roundup next week.

chris keys said...

nice one cubik, it's a beauty

Ced said...

very good track, a king of bugg weseltoft long house jazz....with this voice....good...i like ! nice choice.

chris keys said...

yeah that voice is fantastic!!