Friday, May 25, 2007

Shades of Black

I'm not sure if Kevvy K from Dilated Choonz realised it, but when he passed this on to me today, he must have had an inkling that I'd post it. Check out DC for the flip side of this great 12", which we both agree is the biznezz, but I really dig this one too. Runaway are Brooklyn based Editions Disco's Jaques Renault and Marcos Cabral and if these party monsters are anything to go by (or buy) then this new kid on the block is one to keep your keen eyes tracking. 'Shadows', the track you'll find here, is a greasy, chant heavy, half island, half bad neighbourhood Disco chain gang. Yum! Thanks Kev!

Runaway - Shadows


Anonymous said...

All the other tunes on Wurst are also worth picking up.

chris keys said...

Wurst are very cool

Ced said...

whaou, what a track ! how do you call this kind of music...soul, funk, disco, house, techno, because all is inside...even a little of affrican latino....great choice !

chris keys said...

hey Boum Boum
yeah I'm not sure how to describe this right, except, I love it!!!!!!!!