Monday, May 14, 2007

More Space Grooves ???

Of course classics also get plundered, edited, covered etc, and why not. This all out Jazz Funk Disco explosion from Lonnie Liston Smith has had a ton of funky flesh torn from it's elastic limbs. 'Space Princess' is full to the brim with original ideas, smooth genre bending moves and ass busting grooves, and that's only in the first minute. Spotters will recognise the bits that got stolen. Interestingly I learned off Discogs that Mr Smith actually has a degree in Science, so he seems to have long had interests in Space Grooves.


DannyBlue said...

Great tune and I'm gutted you posted it as it was next on my list to put up myself - I'll have to find some alternative LLS.

chris keys said...

sorry bout that sir