Thursday, May 31, 2007

Our Friends Electrik

Tim over at The Love Unlimited Sound System handed me an mp3 of the Electric Funk Allstars (aka UB's aka The Unabombers aka The Elektrons) edit of the below Frank Hooker & Positive People track 'This Feelin' retitled as 'Oooh This Feelin'. What a nice thing to do, really, especially as I had no idea about the track until after I had posted the original. Pretty slack really as I am a big fan of the UB's. And of course it's a fantastic edit ain't it? The Bonus is having checked out Tim's blog, it's certainly worth a visit and a bookmark as he has some great stuff up there already (yeah Tim - an Idjut fan huh? U know that totally works for me). If that's not enough he also handed over the flipside of the 12" 'For Those Who Like To Groove' which the title captures perfectly and is the ace on this particular release. Basically it's an early doors, get em grooving, warm & friendly Disco roller skate item. For those of you who don't know The Unabombers hold court at The Electric Chair in Manchester, a place I have long since wanted to visit, maybe they'll invite me to play there one of these days. Thank you Tim for these, good luck with your blog, and great to meet you.

Electric Funk Allstars - Oooh This Feeling

Electric Funk Allstars - For Those Who Like To Groove

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