Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Press Play #1

DJ Bwyse from San Diego's Talking In Stereo gives up a truly spaced out & rather brilliant, 90 odd minute, free wheelin', cosmic ride for our new series of mix tapes done exclusively for Another Night On Earth. Yup that's right exclusive to this page! Taking in Dub, Space Disco, Funk & Rock via 18 genre bending beauties, Bwyse's 'Saturnal Reflections' is sticky, sweaty, tasty and ideal for both summer dayz and intergalactic night flights.

Here's the track listing...

Droid World intro
Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Full Experience - Disco Devil
The Dynamics - Music
Nina Raviolette - Suis Jenormale
AURA - You Got Something
Bobby and Betty go to the Moon - Dance Time
Peter Baumann/Leda - Endless Race
Kraak and Smaak - Keep on Searchin'
Code Breaker - Dream Lover
Johnny Mathis - Gone, Gone, Gone
La Bionda - One For You, One For Me
L.A.X. - Dancin' At The Disco
Legowelt - Autobahn Disco
Lindstrom- Let's Practice (12 Inch Version)
Quartz - Chaos
Devo - Disco Dancer (Single Version)
Rune Lindbaek - Ok Kjor Romskip
Konrad - My Girl
Rodriguez - Sugar Man

You can catch the man doing a bi weekly show on Viva, as well as a monthly broadcast with Christoff from Residential Housing on Bwyse finds inspiration from his Family, Music & Art, is thinking of starting up a monthly night at Airport Lounge in San Diego, currently rates labels Rong, Eskimo & Editions Disco, he also loves Fleetwood Mac's 'World Turning', Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon' & all of Arthur Russell's work, amongst others. To download the mix check under 'Press Play' on the side bar and feel free to leave comments for this fantastic selector. Also keep your eyes peeled for more in the series, we've got some very cool mixes from some exceptional talents coming up in the near future....


Bobby Calabrese (aka DJ BWYSE) said...

Great Cover Chris. Thanks again for the support. Really appreciate it. Peace

chris keys said...

The pleasure is all mine really, thankyou for the great mix, it's getting a lot of play around these parts...

Anonymous said...


Don't you find it funny how deeply balearic Rodriguez is to everyone from the US/UK/Europe/Japan but to us South Africans he's that guy that everyone knows the words to every song and who rose form the dead (remember that story about how died on stage) for that tour back at the end of the 90s? My grandmother knew all the words to his songs, which is a bit worrying if you pay particular attention to them. Apparently it was only us and the kiwis who bought his records way back when.

I met a guy in Detroit and apparently Rodriguez plays to 5 people a week at this bar, so it must have been a bit of a shock to the system to play in front of 2000 at the Bellville Velodrome. Haha what a shit venue.


chris keys said...

Hey Marc - yeah I do, it is such an odd story, I even know someone here who grabs every second hand copy of his albums, and as u know there are many, to sell to europeans and americans who pay quiet a bit more than what he pays for them... The whole story is pretty mad and I cant really seperate him from, as u say grandparents, parents, students, pot smokers of SA, etc. I mean I know he's rather special and his music is worthy of it being rediscovered, but I still think of it as South African as Rugby, Sunny Skies and running from the Army in the late 80's...

ok Belville Velcrodrome, hmmm may i never think of that place again ;)

Marc - please mail me on - I wanna ask you a few things... ta C