Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Turn Off The Lights

The opening bars of Larry Young's 'Turn Off The Lights' are a bit of a Hip Hop staple, having been sampled a fair bit, the track also got an excellent cover by Frank de JoJo (one half of the excellent Zero DB) some years ago. The original is sublime of course, it's the perfect start up track to any party; with lots of drama, innuendo, quirky keys and appropriately dark, sexy, Soul Funk going on. The snotty nosed Jazz world wrote off Young's last album 'Fuel', which featured this gem, as rubbish, but of course hunters & beat diggers wouldn't let it lie and honestly why would they? Would u turn your nose up at this classic???



Ced said...

nothing to say perfect...even more perect than de jojo
boum boum

chris keys said...

I have to agree, this is the one...