Monday, May 21, 2007

Press Play 2

Press Play 2 is here! Sebastian Broms 'All In Your Mind Hangover Mix' is very special; a beautiful comedown selection of extremely fine Folk, Latin, Soul, Funk, Jazz, and genre bending, far out gems, expertly dug from deep in this Stockholm dj's crates, which practically melt together on this classic, exclusive A.N.O.E. mix. Broms is the mastermind behind the Swedish 'Reach Out' nights and has a new eclectic Saturday night starting up in his home town very shortly. I've had this on permanent rotation since i got it a few nights ago and can't recommend it more highly. No track listing just yet, we'd rather keep u guessing, we'll post it soon. Do not skip this! To download the mix, simply check under Press Play on the sidebar.


Anonymous said...

I quite like this. We did our mix the other day, but we did it live at a party, so some of the mixes are a bit ropey (they all seem to be mine as well...damn you free Peroni, damn you!) but overall it came out quite nicely I think. Send it to you soon Chris.

chris keys said...

hey Marc. Obviously i like it a lot, perfect for a number of situations.. Peroni - ha ha, it happens to the best of us... looking forward to hearing it and getting it up here -