Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lost Again or...

I was thinking about the first club I went to that really struck me with club fever, it was called The Rez (many of the club's characters lived in the building above the club, hence it's name), this is back in the 80's, the dj spun lots of New Wave, Electro & Disco; DAF, Blancmange, Soft Cell, Suicide, Yello, New Order, Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club etc. One of my favourite albums at the time was Yello's 'U Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess', unquestionably their best LP. Greg Wilson's edit of 'Lost Again' popped up on my weekend playlist and put me in mind of this wonder sweat box. The club was shut down after a few years, mainly because someone got shot (talk about blood on the dancefloor) from which it never quiet managed to recover, or was it a second shooting that did it? or was it the crazy girl who burned down her apartment and nearly the building? I can't remember which event was the final nail... I loved the place. Here's Greg's fantastic edit of this dark Pop Electro number.

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