Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tracks from the Chair

Someone recently posted a Maurice Fulton dj set from a night at Electric Chair in Manchester on DJ History. Fulton goes all over the map, nearly everything on there, including some awesome new Mu stuff, would have me getting down on the floor, lost in a blissful journey of excellent beats and grooves. Amongst the standout moments, and there are many, are an unknown edit of Boz Scags's 'Lowdown' and Longsy D's 'This is Ska'. I love the way he throws down some heavyweight Aciiiiid and then gives up a whole lot of Soul, playing sweet & manic off each other perfectly. Fulton, like some other more eclectic dj's, prooves once and for all that genre is merely a rough guide to finding tunes, not a lifestyle choice.


Anonymous said...

Best night ever. Absolute pleasure to go to the Chair every month and as good as Fulton was on the night, he wasn't a patch on Una Puke who played after him and killed it with the anthem from the summer of love pt. 2 ELO - Last Train To London - Lobster edit. Massive.

Roll on the Riot this weekend.

chris keys said...

Riot should be a blast - lucky lucky man

Anonymous said...

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chris keys said...

thanks kind sir