Monday, June 04, 2007

Flowers from Kyoto

Moving off the Disco stuff for a minute, early on this year Kyoto based Jet Set Records released an ep called '4 Seasons Sampler' with a very cool Daniel Wang track, one by an artist called Nix and certainly one of the most arresting electronic beauties I have heard in ages by Bassed On Kyoto called 'Flowers' on it. 'Flowers' has an unmistakable attention to delicate warm detail that few can achieve in quiet the same way a good Japanese outfit can, it also simultaneously dreams a Utopian and melancholic vision while micro managing the art of deep dance music. It's not cheap if u can find it, Discogs has a few for around $30, but it's a future classic that will only rise in price, since music of this order is rare, original, organic, masterful & magnificent.

Bassed On Kyoto - Flowers


Anonymous said...

great track chris-great tune to start
the day too.

chris keys said...

Hey Jack
yup its a goodie... :)