Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Where Have all the Love Songs Gone

'Doesn't Anybody Want To Hear a Love Song' is a brilliant, very danceable, midtempo Funk/Disco item from genius Thomas 'Coke' Escavedo's 1977 album 'Disco Fantasy'. Linda Tillery, who does all the vocals on this album, moans, with some irony and a great voice, about the lack of love songs in the height of the Disco era, of course its not a love song either, but a serious party groover with a big attitude. Beat hunters know Coke well and if you don't I suggest digging in some dusty crates to see what u can find, anything with his name on it must be had. This track will surely get bumped up on your playlist. Oh Coke's brother Pete is Shelia E's dad...

Coke Escavedo - Doesn't Anybody Want To Hear a Love Song

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