Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pictures of ...

Absolutely mesmerizing slo mo soundscape Disco (possibly also Balearica) coming at you this late Sunday night from Grandadbob and the masterful Quiet Village Dub of their 'Pictures', which is sadly not on the vinyl release, but only the promo CD single from last year. The lovely Vanessa Robinson's voice doesn't feature here since it's the dub, but then in this case I think it's all good as the Quiet Villagers go about their business . Hasn't music just got better over the last year or so? Quiet Village represent a kind of watershed in quality for me, with each track and remix they manage to push forward with deceptively simple, deep and lasting ideas. Basically nearly everything they have done excites me in the same way as when I first heard say Grace Jones as a kid. Maximum Joy!

Grandadbob - Pictures (Quiet Village Dub)


KiDG said...

Thanks Chris!
More Quiet Village please!

chris keys said...

more comin up soon