Monday, June 04, 2007

Lost In Space

The Cosmic Dancer re-issue series is a big helping hand, especially if you can't find the originals or need a little direction. The three LP packs include Hot RS, Arapadys, Piramis, Harry Thumann, The Zebras, Venus Gang, Bamboo & more. It's probably a little like 'Now That's What I Call Cosmic' for thos who really know the scene, but I'm not snobby like that. David Keaton's 1983 'Space Patrol' is one of my favorites, from Volume 2, a light spacey track that ponders on a growing identity crisis from being amongst the stars for 1o years ( a concept I love and explored some 10 years back in a drawing I did for a friend, one of my best actually - no not shown here)

David Keaton - Space Patrol

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